Rotary Drum Filter

    Envista tech type external Rotary drum screen is one of the pre-treatment solid separating devices used for suitable for small and medium wastewater treatment plant and a device which can remove solid suspended matter continuously and effectively in some wastewater treatments, 30% - 60% of the organic inorganic solid suspended matter will be removed after filtering, and reducing greatly the subsequent work load.

    The Rotary Drum Filter (savi rotatory filtering drum) consists of a case made of stainless steel plate and section bars. The chrome steel filter, whose surface is made of a stainless-steel “v” profile wedge wire style winded up as a spiral, rotates within the case. The distance between each and every coil is the same as the favored filtering slot.

Product Features:

  • Simple structure, High reliability.
  • Compact structure, small covering area.
  • The surface of the drum is made of wedge grid, and has excellent hydraulic characteristics.


  • Water separation therapy of industrial waste water in these industries :-
  • Paper Mills
  • Food enterprise
  • Chemical industry