Fully Automatic Liquid Filling Machine

Liquid Filling machine are very essential equipment in different kinds of industries like food and beverages, pharmaceutical and cosmetics, agriculture, lube oil, editable oil, shampoo, water etc in these industries liquid filled in various types of containers.

This machine is fully developed on VFD operated timing application with SS body pump operation. the machine has storage tank with automatic feeding of pump and their according their level sensors application.

This machine has two head and head arrangement on customer requirement and fully automatic iquid filling machine very accurate filling with good speed operation With the help of the liquid filling machine the liquid easily and efficiently packed into containers without any wastage and very fastly filled.

The liquid filling machines are now days are comes with advance forms and user friendly controls and distinct features are the best packed machine within the less time with less labour. Weight controller is used for weighing operation, this unit is consist of drive unit with pump, nozzle, valve.

Liquid filling machine can accomplished with large amount of liquid filling task in the industries very fastly and easily and henceforth liquid filling machine reduce the number of human being of work and absence of labour.

liquid filling machine are majorly used for liquids such as syrup, oil, wine etc with the high viscosity and require this method for the containers and bottles.

The filling machine fills the liquid due to gravity and the liquid fill according to the their weight and liquid filling machine is capable for incorporating tank and bottle to fill their container


    • PLC Controlled system with touch screen HMI.
    • Easy to operate.
    • Easy mechanical or electrical change over as per container/bottle size
    • Recipe for different size of bottle/container size.
    • Body covered with SS sheet.
    • Less maintenance, machine alarm system
    • Conveyor for bottle feeding


    • Filling range 100ml- 5000ml (customize)
    • VFD pump Control
    • High speed filling speed 12-28 rpm(customize)
    • Storage tank with level sensor operation
    • Supply 1 230V AC/3 415V AC
    • 3,415V supply
    • Accuracy 1-2