Enchip MBBR Technology™

Typical scheme of a MBBR treatment tank

Based on more than 10 years of experience with MBBR systems, Envista developed the Enchip™ in 2019 which nowadays forms the core of Envista tech‘s fluidized bed process called Enchip MBBR Technology™.

System Components

Enchip with biofilm

Aeration system

Carrier retention screen

Design & application

The Enchip MBBR Technology™ is a proven biological treatment process with numerous WWTP operators world wide.

A lot of plants using the Enchip MBBR Technology™ have been designed and engineered in basic and detail by Enchip’s high-qualified engineering team.

3D-engineering by Enchip

Trendsetting and sustainable MBBR carrier technology …

    • pulp & paper industry municipal plants
    • coke & steel production petro and oil industry
    • food and beverage industry
    • pharmaceutical & chemical industry
    • aquaculture industry and fish-farming and many more

    • MBBR Technology

    • for highest performance in biological water treatment

    • best possible removal performance
    • remarkably stable processes
    • small footprints
    • ideal for easy retrofit & upgrade
    • high grade quality
    • long life material,
    • no wear best price-performance ratio

Removal rates of EnChip are up to 10 times higher than with “conventional” carrier.

High quality pore system

The EnChip is a high-performance MBBR carrier and provides a protected active surface area of > 5,500 m²/m³ for the immobilization of micro-organisms which are in charge of the different biological water treatment pro-cesses. Its application is characterized by extremely high removal rates and reliable process stability.

Diffusion depth from each side approx. 0.5 mm

The pores of the BioChip are permanently filled with active biomass since substrate and/or oxygen can diffuse into the biofilms down to a depth of approx. 0.5 mm on both sides of the chips.

Cross section Enchip


Enchip is used in the following biological treatment processes:

    • Denitrification
    • Nitrification
    • COD removal
    • Enchip  with planctomycetes
  • Advantages of Enchip:

    • protected active surface: > 5,500 m²/m³
    • high quality PE material (virgin)
    • optimal pore system and –structure
    • less carrier volume needed
    • small footprint system
    • simple operation
    • thin, controlled biofilms
    • optimal diffusion of O2 and substrate
    • easy upgrading or retrofitting of existing plants
    • large diameter (30 mm; 1“)
    • no abrasion & wear
    • developed and produced by Enchip
    • process support for calculations, start-up and operation by Enchip